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trinity tax consultants las vegas nevada

FREE Initial Consultation

During the free consultation we discuss the details of any tax debt or issues. Review any communication from the IRS. If we can help you we will start the three-step process of finding a solution.


We pull the IRS records and investigate in detail the situation, pull IRS transcripts,

evaluate the various statute of limitations, process a FOIA request if needed and

determine a custom plan of action to get the issue resolved in the fastest way possible.


Part of the solution requires that all tax returns and information returns have been filed before the IRS will consider a resolution option. This process may require tax returns to be processed in order to move forward.


Once all the returns have been filed and processed, we determine the final solution. This will be one of many solutions such as:

Pay the Balance Due

Most times this is not an option……..

trinity tax consultants

Installment Agreement



Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Currently Not Collectable

Offer In Compromise